Goodbye Alcohol.

Hi all,

Welcome to my first blog post.

Given the nature / title of the blog, I’d like to give something of a back story for deciding to quit drinking for good.

As a prelude, this is something I’ve wanted to do for sometime, at least for the last two or three years, particularly from a health & fitness / exercise point of view.

So, why choose to quit drinking – because I no longer gain any satisfaction from drinking, it no longer serves any purpose to do so.

Being from England and now living in Australia (with both countries having strong drinking cultures), it’s fair to say I’ve had more than my share of big nights out.

While I was capable of going out for catch up with friends for a 2 or 3 quiet drinks, more often than not I struggled with knowing when I had enough to drink.

From my late teens to late twenties, I’d be out most weekend, ranging from a few quiet catch up beers with friends, to full-blown nights out in whatever club / bar / pub I was heading too (with a handful of sober nights out thrown in just to see if I could go out sober).

More often that not I’d wake up the next day at whatever time feeling like dirt, and having spent far too much money. My thinking at the time was, “hey, what normal person at my age doesn’t live like this?” – Work hard at the day job, grind away at the gym, then enjoy myself at the weekend if need be.

Since becoming an exercise / fitness / health nut just after Boxing Day 2007 (and achieving amazing results), I certainly realised the importance of taking long breaks and cutting back the drinking.

However, the older I got, the sooner I realised alcohol was sucking the happiness out of me – it was one contributing factor for me not getting a few extra kilo’s off of me that I had put on, and  distracting me from my own personal goals – I spent more time worrying about when I would next drink (be it in a few weeks or months).

I did stop drinking for 8 months from January 2016 to August 2016, and drinking occasionally for the rest of the year.

The decisive factor for me to quit drinking was going out on New Years Day 2017 while on a long weekend away down in Adelaide.

I decided to head out around 6PM for a couple of quiet beers and some dinner.

One or two beers & dinner turns into drinking god knows how much and getting absolutely blind drunk – the resulting behaviour ends up with me blacking out.

I have absolutely no recollection leaving whatever bar I was at, and no recollection of walking back to my hotel room at god only knows what time – I only recall events when I start throwing up in the hotel room bathroom (not knowing what time I got to bed / sleep).

I wake up at approximately 7:30ish the next morning – to say I felt like sh*t would be an understatement. The headache was probably the worst I’ve ever experienced.

I end up crawling my sorry, hung over backside out of bed at approximately 8:30, hitting the shower and getting some breakfast at 9:30 / 10:00 AM.

I can count my lucky stars I didn’t end up in hospital, a police station, or dying.

As I was due to fly back home on the day (2nd January), at 2:30 in the afternoon, I had planned to get a good hour or two of productivity done early in the morning, before heading to the Airport at 11AM – I’m kicking myself for putting myself in such a sorry state.

I realised then that I won’t be able to get a handle on my drinking habits, and that I am better off without alcohol.

I won’t deny I’ve had some awesome times / parties / nights out with friends & family while drinking, but it’s now fair to say those days are well past, and to move onto other directions in life.


11 thoughts on “Goodbye Alcohol.”

  1. Good for you Michael. As you may remember, I stopped drinking in my mid 20’s about the time I was getting heavily into my fitness regime. I’m turning 52 soon & haven’t had a drink in all those years. Imagine how much money I’ve saved from not buying overpriced nightclub booze!


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