Blog goals and planning for the next few years.

Hi all,

Been thinking a little for the last few days about what I’d like to achieve with the blog, as well as a bit of life planning.

Increasing my social network – with people who have also decided to quit drinking and who have a passion for health, fitness, good nutrition, as well as similar life interests as well (as mentioned in the About Me page).

Change of scenery – I have been living in Brisbane for 9 and a half years now, and feel like it’s time for a change of scenery. Life at the moment is pretty much ‘work, gym / running, chill on the weekend, rinse and repeat’.

I don’t get out as much socially as I used to, and the two main social circles I used to hang with don’t meet up as often as we used to.

I’d love to move to Adelaide for a number of reasons – the climate suits me better (the summers are not as humid as they are in Brisbane – Adelaide has a dry, desert like heat in summer), the people are far more friendly down there, and there is a much more relaxed way of life.

However, being further away from family and my two young nephews (Zachary – 21 months old; and Joseph – 3 weeks old at the time of this post), I think it would be quite selfish for me to move away and miss out on seeing them grow up and not have an active interest / role in their life.

I’d consider Sydney for a year or two if a good contract opportunity came up; it’s a great city, but a bit too big for my liking for a permanent move.

Travel – I’d love to do some more overseas travelling and get to connect with people along the way (and meet with people I’ve connected with online as well).

In 2018, I’m thinking of jet setting off to:-

  • Japan – I’ve been to Japan twice before and loved both trips. I’m also planning to go to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics, so that’ll be a good experience if I do go.
  • Hawaii – my parents and sisters have been a two or three times, and they loved it there. Haven’t looked at any activities yet, but I’d love to do some hiking and nature walks, as well as visiting Pearl Harbour. I am open to suggestions on where to stay and activities to do (Waikiki looks like a good option to stay).
  • Mainland USA – I’ve spent a lot of time in the Florida Keys / Miami / Walt Disney World / Universal Studios, and would love to explore more of the country, and catch up with a couple of friends who live over there – thinking San Diego, San Fransisco, Austin / Houston, Denver, New York at this stage.

De-cluttering my online life – I’ve spent some time cultivating my Facebook ‘friends’ list, deleting unwanted apps on my iPhone / iPad, as well as developing habits to stop looking at websites which provide nothing in terms of value to read.

I’m relying more on my Newsblur feed to keep up with what’s happening in the world, and subscribing to websites that are aligned with my interests.

Also, having an occasional spring clean of the bedroom always helps as well.

That’s todays post wrapped up. If you liked the post, please feel free to comment, subscribe, share, or get in touch via e-mail / instagram / snapchat / twitter.

Till next time,



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