40+ day mark & networking with others.

Hi all,

Hit the 42 day sober mark today – not too much of a big achievement so far, however, just wanted to post a quick update.

Since deciding to go sober, I have done, and continue to do some research on communities / groups and other people in my age group who have decided to quit drinking as well.

I discovered a Reddit community called ‘Stop Drinking‘. After reading a few of the posts of people who’ve decided to make a positive change in their life, I decided to post my story on the site.

I’ve found the support and the people here to be fantastic – everyone is so supportive and always happy to listen, give advice, and help to promote a good environment.

You can find a review on the above forum here at the Washington Post.

I also spend time in the Stop Drinking IRC channel as well – the people who frequent here are always happy to give support, give help, have a talk about anything – if you are ever in and see me (my username is: mike_m_82), don’t be shy and say hello, or drop me a PM.

I’ve also been watching a few vlogs on YouTube from people who’ve decided to quit drinking, and have followed their video journeys from start to finish (I’ve found the ‘path to sobriety’ videos by Sarah Ordo here to be a great example).

My next goal  in this regard is to build my ‘sobriety’ network either online or in the real world – so if anyone knows of communities / blogs  & vlogs / groups, please do let me know.

Anyway, that wraps this post. If you liked it, please comment, subscribe, share, and so on.

Till next time,



4 thoughts on “40+ day mark & networking with others.”

  1. Congratulations on your current milestone! Keep taking it one day at a time. 🙂 I’m glad you’re finding communities in which you can be an active member in – it’s great to have people who understand what you’re going through!


  2. Wow this is a great feat Michael!

    Amazing how many of us have or do face the issue of alcoholism yet the majority find it difficult to openly communicate about.

    Well done for your achievements and for going against the majority to aid breaking the stigma of sweeping big issues “under the rug”.

    Looking forward to checking out your story.



    1. Thanks Tameeka – it’s easier just to get it out there instead of keeping it locked up inside.

      I’m quite introverted & reserved, so I find writing about it is a good creative outlet for me, and helps to keep me accountable towards my goals.


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