Just do it!

Hi all, thanks for being here to read this new, albeit shortish post.

I’ve recently watched this video on by online fitness coach & personal trainer Mike Vacanti, and it has inspired me to write this blog post.

The notion of ‘doing it’ or ‘thinking about doing it’ is something I have struggled with recently, in terms of where I am in life, and how I want to move forward with it.

There also seems to be somewhat of a theme in a few chats I’ve had with co-workers and a couple of fitness friends, who had wished they did certain things at a younger age, or regretted started new hobbies later in life than they should have done.

A good example of ‘just do it’ would be me wanting to start the blog that you’re reading now.

It’s something I wanted to do at the turn of the year when I quit drinking – I kept putting it off for week after week.

My fear factors, for lack of a better phrase were along the lines of ‘what if no one likes the content’; ‘what if no one visits’; ‘what if I get laughed at, criticized at’, so on & so forth.

Then a week last Sunday, I thought, ‘You know what, f**k it, I will do it – screw what anyone else thinks, I’m just going to do it – I’ll be prepared to learn, be prepared to make mistakes, have fun along the way and see where this leads.’

So, my advise to any of you who are reading this blog, is:-

– Pondering about that vacation for an overdue catch up with friends and family, or that overseas destination you always wanted to go to? – Just do it and start planning!

– Pondering about that course to up-skill or cross-skill in your job / career? Just do it and start learning!

– Want to lose weight? Want to sign up at the local gym?  Want to put some muscle on? Run that 5km? 10km? 21.1km? 42.2km? (or whatever km) – Learn about proper nutrition and training methods, get yourself some gym clothes and trainers, and just do it!

I’m sure you get the point.

There are only so many tomorrows, so please don’t waste time thinking about, or worse, regretting, ‘what if..’, or ‘what could have been’.

Dream. Plan. Execute.


Hope you enjoyed and got some value out of this post – if you enjoyed it, please subscribe, share, comment, get in touch, etc – you know the drill.

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “Just do it!”

  1. Great advice Michael!

    I’m more so inspired to get stuck into a project I’ve been procrastinating about now, also congrats regarding the sobriety, not an easy task that’s for certain 🙂



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