50 days of not drinking – goals, positives & negatives.

Hi all,

Hit 50 days of no drinking today – feeling absolutely great – nothing difficult about this at all at the moment.

I’m beginning to lose some weight as well due to a change of diet, and looking forward to getting back down to around the 68 KG mark this year.

Three other goals I want to achieve this year are:-

– Get one credit card paid off and cancelled, and the second paid off (or minimal balance left owing).

– Book a trip to Adelaide for the Adelaide Motorsports Festival when the dates are formally announced – as well as look into going to either Japan, Hawaii or mainland USA for a holiday next year.

– Continue to work on the blog, and expand my social circle from this venture – I’m loving it so far, and digging the comments from it. I’m finding it a real confidence boost / motivation for me to keep going.

Now, onto the main story.

Before I quit drinking for good, I did take long breaks off drinking with regards to my health & fitness regime (read about it here). I wanted to share a quick overview of the main positives and one negative of not drinking that I’ve experienced.

There are plenty of these stories on the internet as it is, however, these are just my points of view.


  • No hangovers – This one is self-explanatory. Waking up fresh as a daisy (as opposed to anything ranging from slightly dusty to death incarnate), is awesome. This means being able to be super productive in the morning – getting to that fitness class at 8AM on a Saturday;  working on that project for an extra hour or two in the morning; fitting in some extra study time – or binge on Netflix instead if that’s what you want to do.
  • Money saved – Paying anywhere between $8 – $11 per drink over the course of an evening  is utterly ridiculous, and so is paying around $5 for a bottle of water – looking back, I can think of several things I could have done with that money – I can now put it towards flights / holidays, new clothes, feeding my tech gadget obsession, home improvements – or just put some extra $$$ aside for a rainy day.
  • Health & Fitness – Alcohol (especially beer), has no end of empty calories and sugar in it, meaning any fitness goals go straight down into the trash can (as well as that late night  drunken kebab wrapper or McDonald’s bag). A simple analogy here is “You cannot outrun a bad diet.” I can now manage my weight a lot easier with the drinking cut out, and focus on proper nutrition over the long haul without having to worry about when I’ll next be drinking.


  • Judgement – Having been out socially and not drink on a number of occasions, it always surprised me how easily people get judgemental, pissed off or angry when I mention I’m not drinking. As soon as people start getting angry and screaming “One beer, just one f**k*ng beer” or “Dude, just have A beer”, I just tell them to go to hell and walk off.

My analysis on the above is that me choosing not to drink makes people feel bad about their own drinking habits – and to make themselves feel better, feel the need to peer pressure me into drinking to make themselves feel better.

That wraps up todays blog – hope you enjoyed reading this.

If you got something from it, please comment, subscribe, like, share. . . . . . . .  you know the drill.




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