Sydney day trip (26/02/2017).

Hi all,

Took a day trip to Sydney yesterday to attend  the ‘Coding Kickstater‘ course at the Coder Factory Academy.

Re-learning to code / web design is a goal I’ve wanted to do since last year – however, doing it alone has been a struggle.

I thought I’d fly down to Sydney for the 2 hour introduction class, and see how learning in a classroom / mentor environment could help.

Review of the course.

The course itself was more of a ‘here is what you can do’ basics type class – mainly focusing on Ruby / Ruby on Rails coding & architecture.

The first 40-50 minutes was dedicated to how technology is rapidly changing the way we live and work.

The main topic was on how many different types of industries have been impacted and / or changed forever due to the advances in technology over the course of the last 20 years – and how it will impact over the next 15-20 years..

We then learned how to build a basic ‘Twitter’ type website built using basic Ruby code, with some basic HTML & CSS elements in there as well.

I’ve been interested to learn more about Ruby in general, so I found this to be a good introduction, mainly from a web design point of view.

Afterwards, I had some time to ask one of the class takers in regards to four main areas of technology that will greatly impact the way we live over the next 20 years at least:-

 – Artificial intelligence.

 – Automation – particularly in regards to driverless vehicles and the future of the work & labour force.

 – Virtual reality.

 – 3D printing.

These are all areas I am interested in researching to see how they will impact life in the future. It’ll be interesting to see how they develop as technology is advancing at such a rapid rate.

The next stage is to look at attending the ‘Coding For Beginners‘, ‘Web Design For Beginners‘ or ‘Introduction to JavaScript‘class this year.

Coder Factory Academy will hopefully be opening a Brisbane Campus later in the year, so hopefully I can study the courses here – otherwise it’ll be a few visits to Sydney.

I also managed to do some general sightseeing while as well – I mainly stayed in Circular Quay & some of the CBD as well.

Here are a  few photos of the trip:-

Hope you enjoyed – if you liked this post, please feel free to comment, share, subscribe, like, etc – you know the drill.

Till next time,



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