Quitting coffee for now . . . . . . . + 60 days sobriety!

Greetings all,

Welcome to this post.

I am currently a four days into a coffee ban – this is mainly to see if I can shed any weight / see the results of cutting out caffeine, extra sugar and hidden calories that might be hindering me losing the approximately 10 kilograms (approx 22 pounds) that I am looking to shed – so far I have lost 1 kilogram!

I haven’t done a big break from coffee since I started to regularly drink it nearly 10 years ago, so I am very interested to see the results. I’m usually a two coffee per day drinker for the record.

Currently I am doing this cold turkey – I’ve had some mild withdrawal headaches, but nothing else.

Three things I have noticed so far:-

01) Sleep – Holy f**k am I beginning to sleep better, and deeper as well – I’m not feeling as lethargic when I wake up in the morning.

I am also feeling a lot more tired around the time I go to bed (between 9:30 & 10 PM), and beginning to feel more energised when I wake up in the morning.

02) Appetite – My appetite has also shot up as well. I’m certainly feeling a lot hungrier when I wake up in the morning and at lunch time. I am also feeling a lot less bloated as well.

03) Body temperature – I’m beginning to feel a lot cooler at the moment (just hit autumn here in Australia), as well as being a little more sensitive to the air conditioning temperature at work.

I’m not sure if there is a direct correlation between cutting out coffee & body temperature, so if anyone can enlighten me, please get in touch.

I’ll be going to Melbourne for the opening weekend of the Formula One Season from 23rd March to 27th March – not sure if I’ll start drinking coffee again while I’m down there. I’ll make that call while I am there.

Hopefully I’ll be catching up with my youngest sister who will be visiting from her latest stint overseas, as well as a friend who I know from when I lived on the Sunshine Coast.

Also, hit 60 days of sobriety today – needless to say I’m feeling great! Body is feeling better, head is clearer, and can (for the most part) focus better on my day-to-day tasks.

Hope you enjoyed reading – as always, if you did, please like, comment, share, leave a message – you know the drill.




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