Melbourne Trip (March 2017) – Formula One 2017 Race.

Greetings fellow Formula One Fans,

Posting this a few days after I arrived back in Brisbane from Melbourne to attend the opening of the Formula One 2017 season – and what a cracker it was.

This is my 6th Formula One weekend I’ve attended – words can’t describe the atmosphere at this event – if you ever get the chance to attend a F1 weekend, please do so (I’ll even drag you along and pay for your ticket / airfare!) – I’m positive you won’t regret it.

Personally, I love the atmosphere at the circuit, the people I meet, the banter and conversations between the fans – I’ve re-connected with old school friends through Facebook who love the sport, and keep in touch with friends I’ve made at previous Formula One events I’ve attended.

Thursday 23rd March, 2017.

Pretty standard flight from Brisbane to Melbourne, except for the screaming baby sitting right behind me, with the mother who did less than a quarter assed effort to keep him quiet. First world problems right . . . . . .right?!?

Arrived at the hotel around 4.30pm and went for a walk around the Docklands area – pretty nice area with some decent looking restaurants, shops, and apartments – most of the area was closed for the night, so didn’t get a chance to experience the area in all of its glory.

Friday 24th March, 2017.

Woke up around 5.3o/6.00 am to a fairly chilly morning, and went to RMB Cafe for breakfast, just across Flinders Street Station, and down on of the lane ways.

Had some time to walk down some of the famed lane ways & alleys Melbourne is renowned for – even though this was my first trip to this city, I can certainly see the appeal, and why they are so popular.

Afterwards, I went back to the hotel for a little bit – I caught a Uber to the circuit and arrived about 9:40 am for the 10:00 am opening of the gates. It was free practice one & two, so was a good way to see the new 2017 cars out on the track – and boy were they fast!!

Saturday 25th March, 2017.

Saturday was free practice three and qualifying for the race on Sunday.

Got to the circuit around midday – mainly did retail therapy and visit some of the attractions I didn’t do on the Friday. Also to stay out of the heat! It got into the low 30’s, and seeing free sunscreen and water fountain stations was a good initiative.

Seeing the cars going at full pace for qualifying after the new regulations in regards to new aerodynamics and new, wider & fatter tyres was amazing – I haven’t read about the straight line speeds of the cars, but the first couple of corners were being taken at around 190 km per hour (or so I am told). Check out a couple of videos I posted on my instagram page to see the cars in action.

Sunday 26th March, 2017.

It’s race day people!

There are better, more professional reviews out there, so I won’t go into too much detail – however, it was an awesome race, and a good way to see which drivers / teams will be setting the pace for the rest of the season.

It was awesome to see some good midfield battles between Force India, Renault and McLaren, as well as seeing the Mercedes & Ferrari’s battle it out up front.

The highlight of the day (and the whole weekend for that matter) would be gate crashing the circuit after the chequered flag to watch the podium celebrations and post-race interviews – seeing Mark Webber interview Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton & Valtteri Bottas in real-time was such an awesome experience, as well as being there with however many thousands of fellow Formula One fans on the circuit.

After the podium celebrations, I walked up and down the main straight, admiring the pits area where the mechanics work, as well as being close to scrutineering where the cars were being checked.

Meeting the different people from around the world / other parts of Australia / Melbourne locals is also another amazing part of the weekend while taking photos for each other.

Monday 27th March, 2017.

Final morning in Melbourne – did some laundry, got a quick coffee from across the road, packed my bag, checked out at 10am and made my way to the airport.

Unfortunately, my flight was delayed by 40 minutes – the new departure time was 2:40 pm due to bad weather. Not so much of big deal, as it gave me time to catch up on some news, podcasts, etc.

The flight to Brisbane was pretty standard and straight forward. Landed around 4 pm, then back home to catch up on chores, shopping, then start this blog post.


Another enjoyable week away exploring another part of Australia.

Would love to go back down to Melbourne next year, again for the Formula One.

If I do, I’ll fly down for the entire week, to properly check out the city as I only had time to check out some of the laneways around Flinders Street station, part of the Docklands area and a little of the CBD.

Please see a selection of some of the photos I took:-

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Till next time.



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