Quick update – Yes, I’m still alive!

Hi all,

Just a quick update to say yes I’m still alive and kicking! Just not a lot happening ‘in the moment’ right now.

A few quick updates:-

– Booked a couple of trips to Adelaide later in the year. The first trip will be a long weekend in early December for the Adelaide Motorsports Festival , and then back down a couple of weeks later for New Years.

– Looking at maybe a trip to Japan sometime next year (depending on job and money saved up).

If I do go over, not sure if I’ll do the Formula One weekend at Suzuka, but I would like to spend more time checking out Nagoya – I’ve been to this city twice before and base myself there for the F1 event, but haven’t given the city the attention it deserves.

– Also, coffee habit has began to creep back in – I did stop drinking coffee between my Sydney day trip and up to & including just before my Melbourne trip and lost 4 kilo’s in weight (down to 74.5 kg), in addition to getting my high protein low carb diet on point.

I’m going to get this long weekend (ANZAC day) out-of-the-way, and then I’m going to stop drinking coffee for a few weeks again to help get back down 68/70 kilo’s.

Apart from that, not a lot else to report – looking for work internally and externally – not happy where I am at the moment, and getting the credit card debt down as well.

TTYL people!

Till next time,



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