Life update – goals, plans, work, life, etc . .

Hi all,

Thought I’d write an update at let you know how I’ve been and where I am at.

2017 Goals.

Got a couple of goals for this year ticked off.

Paid off and cancelled the Virgin Money credit card, and can now get the American Express paid off over the next few months.

Also, signed up to do the ‘Coding for Beginners‘ course at the Coder Academy in Sydney – this will be over the weekend of 5th & 6th August – very much looking forward to it, hopefully get some good networking done, and meeting new people / mentors.


This area is going to be somewhat un-pretty and lengthy, but feel I need to get this off my chest.

I am currently & actively looking for work outside of Brisbane City Council at the moment, as I am desperately unhappy working there – to the point where I am actually dreading going in each day and am genuinely miserable there – the two main reasons I will list below:-

Workplace bullying & harassment.

I’m not going to go into detail publicly, but I have over the course of a few months been the victim of workplace bullying and harassment – if you wish to know the finer details, please contact me via the ‘Contact‘ page.

Anyone who has been unfortunate to experience this knows how demeaning and humiliating it can be, especially as there is absolutely no need for it.

Speaking for myself, I should have raised it a lot sooner, as it has and is still causing me anxiety / confidence issues – I have no respect or trust for the bully – even though a complaint has been lodged, recognised, and the issue has been brought up the said ‘bully’.

The issue now is this individual has now put in an application for the team leader role in my specific team at work – at this stage, if he does get the role, I am considering either putting in a written transfer request, or straight up quitting my job.

My fear is if he does get the job, I’ll be targeted / vilified for raising my concerns and putting in the complaint.

If anyone reading this has experience in such issues, please do contact me – I would appreciate any and all advise.

– Various other work related stuff.

There is quite a lot of negativity and cynicism around my workplace area. A lot of people are not really happy there, but really don’t want to do anything about getting out or moving on. One co-worker who sits opposite me is whingeing almost every time he opens his mouth – moaning about the payroll system, slow PC etc.

Other colleagues on the floor are consistently arguing with employees in the wider business who don’t do things correctly or don’t follow correct procedures.

I’ll stop there before I dig a hole for myself.

Fitness / Exercise / Running  Events.

After my City 2 South run a few weeks back, I have signed up to do the Bridge to Brisbane & the Twilight Bay run – on 27th August 2017 & 23rd September 2017 respectively.

Very much looking forward to getting back into running events, and continuing with my training. I am also looking at joining one of the running groups at in-training – this is mainly to boost my social circle and join like-minded people who love running as well.

Also, been struggling to quit the coffee / caffeine habit to assist me lose weight over the last three or four weeks, will be starting again from tomorrow (03rd June 2017).

I’ve been wanted kick the caffeine habit for a while, specifically from a weight / body fat loss, psychological / mental, and financial point of view.

I did stop drinking coffee for four weeks between late February and my Melbourne trip in late March – I lost 4KG in those weeks, which was a solid effort.

In those four weeks, I had my nutrition on point, as well as my training / exercise regime down pat as well.

That wraps up this post, hope you enjoyed reading.

Feel free to comment, email, share, pass on to anyone this may help, etc – you know the drill.




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