Hello all,

Since I decided to stop drinking, I’ve been looking for online resources which may help others who want to quit drinking.

I’ve recently been in touch with the team at DrugRehab regarding such a resource.

While I didn’t reach the ‘alcoholic’ point (at worst I was a binge drinker), I realise there are people who currently continue to have major issues with alcohol abuse, and need as much help and support as they can get.

The team at DrugRehab have a good comprehensive website covering not just alcohol addiction – the site also covers other addictions such as prescription drug and heroin addiction.

There is also a Sobriety E-Book available – it covers such topics as building a support network, setting goals, dealing with cravings & triggers, and more.

It’s a 100 page e-book, but it is well worth the read.

The two main resources regarding alcoholism can be found at:-

The parent organisation (Advanced Recovery Systems), also has a fabulous resource page as well – feel free to have a look here.

For any of my readers based in the USA, you may wish to contact the DrugRehab team on 877-695-5395 for any advice.

Disclaimer:- The above information is not to be taken as medical advice. It is simply helping people who would like another resource.

I am not a qualified doctor or medical practitioner – if you need genuine help with alcohol, please book an appointment with you local GP / AA Meeting / hospital, or have a chat with a close family member or friend, etc.

Hope you enjoyed this post – as always, please comment, share, subscribe, etc.




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