Sydney day trip (26/02/2017).

Hi all, Took a day trip to Sydney yesterday to attend  the 'Coding Kickstater' course at the Coder Factory Academy. Re-learning to code / web design is a goal I've wanted to do since last year - however, doing it alone has been a struggle. I thought I'd fly down to Sydney for the 2 hour introduction class,… Continue reading Sydney day trip (26/02/2017).


Tech Review:- 42mm Apple Watch Sport (First Generation).

Hi all, Welcome to my first tech review post. In this edition, I'll be reviewing a product I've been wearing for nearly a year - the 42mm Apple Watch Sport (first generation gold aluminium watch face with midnight blue sports band). Review. I purchased the watch in mid-March 2016, and I've found it to be a… Continue reading Tech Review:- 42mm Apple Watch Sport (First Generation).